My Story


Growing up, Danielle Priano and her sisters had the thickest hair. It seemed like nothing ever worked for their full, voluminous hair, which made styles like ponytails impossible to achieve. As an adult, Danielle ran into this same problem. She raised two biracial children with full, thick heads of hair that needed more than the ordinary, everyday ponytail holders on the market. As an experienced hair stylist herself, Danielle used her tips and tricks of the trade to find a different solution. 

After years of not finding the right hair accessories to fit her needs, Danielle took matters into her own hands and created PSxDanielle. With her innate love of hairstyling and an unshakeable entrepreneurial drive, she developed a line of strong, durable hair accessories designed to work for all hair types and textures– including the iconic ponytail holders that started it all.  

Today, Danielle is an NYC-based celebrity and editorial hair stylist. Her inspiring energy and incredible talent has allowed her to work and establish ongoing relationships with some of the world’s top talent and brands. When a door opens for Danielle, she is sure to be invited back, again and again. Please join her on this journey and experience the expertly designed, must-have tools that will snatch any ponytail as if Danielle styled it herself. 



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